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Gorbachuk Vasyl (Kyiv, Ukraine)

V. M. Glushkov Institute of Cybernetics of NAS of Ukraine

Equilibria of international public products
Abstract (.pdf)

Grinchenko Victor (Kiev, Ukraine)

Institute of Hydromechanics NAS Ukraine, Director

The role of international cooperation for the solution of Ukrainian problems
Abstract (.pdf)

Grushka Yaroslav (Kyiv, Ukraine)

Institute of Mathematics NAS of Ukraine

Changeable Sets and their Application to Investigation of Abstract Kinematics
Abstract (.pdf)

Gryga Vitalii (Kyiv, Ukraine)

Institute for Economics and Forecasting, Ukrainian national academy of sciences

Emerging technologies as a policy making concept
Abstract (.pdf)

Gryniov Boris (Kyiv, Ukraine)

Agency for Science, Innovation and Informatization of Ukraine

Abstract (.pdf)